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View fully featured interactive warehouse example...

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96.2% of travellers use the Internet as a source of information when planning a trip and research has shown that “Hotel Virtual Tours increase on-line bookings by up to 85%.

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360o Virtual Tours

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Advanced Features of Panoramic Virtual Tours

Multi Resolution Panorama
When a particular zoom level is reached, a higher resolution panorama will load showing greater detail instead of a pixilated image, which makes the viewing quality higher than most leading virtual tour systems.

Floor Plan
A floor plan has a main use to display and load all the rooms that make up in the virtual tour. A thumbnail or text is also displayed on mouse hovers.

Auto Tour
A driven virtual tour is obtainable where all the rooms are shown and loaded automatically one after another. This is a good method of presenting the virtual tour as a DVD or video file, or as part of an exhibition in London Excel, Birmingham NEC or Scotland SECC exhibition spaces.

Background Audio
Background sound can also be can be added as part of the virtual tour in order to add more realism into the whole concept. For example, if you were to walk through a property to the garden, two different sounds will appear to suit.

Thumbnail Image Gallery
This feature is perfect to show a group of still shots within the virtual tour. This gallery can be shown and hidden using a button.

Embed Flash or Video Files
Additional Flash animated files or a videos can be shown when a button is clicked, to enhance the virtual tour. Useful in show casing how a feature works in a car or how a live scene looks like outside.

Google Map
Google map is available so the user can navigate through the virtual tour and load different locations. It will appear as part of the virtual tour’s interface and can be hidden using a button. This is designed and built specifically for the travel and property industry in allowing greater interactive freedom of one destination to another.

Radar is suitable for floor plans and for Google map. It shows the viewer which way they are facing, as well as the field of view angle to make it easier for the user to identify where they are. Ideal for property developers as you may have one plot close to another and you would be able to visit one property and 'see' where the next one is in relation to where you are 'standing'.

An image representing a compass shows which cardinal point the user is looking at. This is ideal for outdoor virtual tours.

Lens Flare
This feature includes a flare effect which simulates a realistic lens flare from looking into a bright light source like the sun or a spot light, making the tour have a sense of more realism and greater 3D effect.

Hotspots can include several functions such as loading another room, loading an audio file, and showing an information box with an image, text or both.




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