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Frequently Asked Questions

As one of the leading new media agencies in the East Midlands, we get asked some questions on a regular basis. We have provided a selection of frequently asked questions to help in your enquiries and questions. If you have a question that is not on the list, simply drop us a line and we'll be happy to help, no matter how strange or technical the question.

We have split up our FAQs into our product and service groups so you can find what you are looking for much quicker. Simply click on the heading to start looking though the FAQs.

FAQ Categories


Website Design

Q: I am looking to have a website built for my new business. How much would it cost to develop my website?

A: The cost of a website are be based on several factors, these are listed below. When enquiring for a quote, it is always useful to have the answer to these questions ready.

  1. do you have a domain name?
  2. if no, what domain are you looking to purchase? e.g. .com .net etc…
  3. how many pages are you envisioning your website to have?
  4. what functions would you like built into the website? e.g. Flash animation, poll, newsletter subscription etc...
  5. do you require an e-commerce solution?
  6. do you require hosting?
  7. do you require a content management system for updates or are you looking to have the maintenance done by us?
  8. what is your go live date?

If you are able to answer those questons, we can accurately come up with a quote to suit your individual needs, rather than giving you a package to choose from. By individualy customising the quote to your requirements, you then have far greater flexibility as to what you would like to do on your website.

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Website Maintenance

Q: We are currently reveiwing our website but we are unsure whether to have a self-managed content management system (CMS) or have the work maintained by yourself. We understand the CMS but why would we outsource the maintenance to you?

A: There are several reasons why you may like to have your website managed and maintained by ourselves at Michael Associates. Reasons are:

  • Client may not be confident in updating website
  • Client may not be computer literate
  • Client does not have time to update the site
  • Quicker to let us update the website as we will know how the website is built from the inside and out
  • We will be able to tweak and amend the site on a more regular basis, behind the scenes
  • We will be able to add additional features as part of the maintenance without incurring further costs
  • Before updates or new sections go live, you have a dedicated personal login area to view updates to proof check
  • Client will not require any training for the website in updating
  • If regular updates are required, it will work out cheaper in the long run to have a monthly maintenance fee rather than employing someone
  • Client will know what to expect from designer/developer
  • Client gets a dedicated account manager
  • By outsourcing the maintenance to an agency such as ourselves, will leave you free to do important work and not think how to update the website


Q: Do you have example of website that you maintain for clients?

A: We maintain website for many of our clients, these include:

Q: What costs are involved in outsourcing website maintenance to you?

A: The cost of website maintenance depends on only a couple of factors

  • how much work is involved
  • ad-hoc work or on a regular basis

We are flexible in your approach to updates. Some clients prefer updates as and when needed, as they do not require regular updates. Some other clients prefer monthly paid updates as they require updates on a daily/weekly basis.

Regular updates on a monthly basis can start from as little as £100.00 per month.

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Website Hosting

Q: Where are your servers based?

A: To conform to the UK Data Protection Act, all our servers are based solely in the UK. This also give you access to one of the fastest servers in the world which is crucial for any website. Clients that have migrated over from another provider have noticed the speed increase.


Q: What servers do you run?

A: We run the latest Apache, Linux servers sitting on dual redundant fail over servers.


Q: We are a charity/non-profit organisation, are you able to help with our hosting?

A: We help all non-profit organisations and charities that are registered in England and Wales. Opening a hosting account with us will give you access to our world leading class servers but also for the first year, FREE HOSTING. On the second year we then give you a subsidised hosting solution to suit your organisation requirements.


Q: Do you have PHP, CGI and scripting access?

A: On all our hosting packages we run the latest PHP, Perl and CGI applications to help give your website the dynamic features it may require. Scripting are also available on our servers.


Q: Do you have some type of Control Panel so I may maintain my web space?

A: All our hosting packages for websites and for our WebMail packages come complete with round the clock Control Panel access which we have developed in-house to cater for the ever growing market for self-managed hosting.


Q: My hosting requirement is very specific. Would you be able to customise a hosting package without the overheads of a dedicated server?

A: Besides offering a wide range of hosting packages, we can customise and create a bespoke hosting solution to suit your website needs. Setting up a bespoke web hosting solution is quick and easy. Contact us for details.


Q: Can I see the current server status to see if any problems are arising?

A: Yes, you can see this on our System Status page at our web hosting site at If no information is displayed on the page, all our servers are working fine.


Q: Do your packages have POP3 mail access?

A: Yes, all our web hosting and WebMail packages come complete POP3 facility to download your emails to your preferred email application.

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Domain Names

Q: I am looking to migrate my domain name over to your servers, how do I go about this?

A: Drop us a line to inform us that you would like to migrate across. Inform your current domain provider, they will update their details to release the domain. Let us know once the domain has been released for us to then initiate our servers to collect the domain ready for hosting on our world class servers.

Alternatively, we can handle the entire domain name process for you at no cost to let you get on with other priorities.


Q: How much does a domain name cost? cost £15.00+VAT to register for 2 years. This includes complete management control and all year round support and service at no extra cost.


Q: How much does a .com domain name cost?

.com domains cost £33.00+VAT for 2 years. This includes complete management control and all year round support and service at no extra cost.

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Graphic Design

Q: I am thinking of producing a leaflet for my new venture but, have got no idea where to start. Can you help?

A: For any graphic design work that needs producing, we would meet up in person to discuss firstly what your business does, what your market segment is, who your direct clients are and what type of style and design that you would like to send out. Once analysis has been assessed, we then discuss ideas and draft some designs up. On return to the studio, we mock up some example designs for you to consider. On feedback we update and amend where necessary until you are happy with your design. After completion we can complete the design process for you by printing the artwork using our world-class devoted in-house printing facility.


Q: We will be attending as an exhibitor at one of the UK and European shows. Are you able to produce large format design and print for these events?

A: Yes we can design from the smallest of items to the largest and widest of scales. We have produced artwork for popup stands to large drop down banners. Once designed we can also print these in-house for you.


Q: Are you able to print low quantity business cards and letter heads?

A: Yes, we can print as little quantity or as much as you desire for any artwork. Simply contact us with your artwork and we'll do the rest. For example, we can print just 250 business cards, single sided, full colour, delivered FREE in Leicester from £45.00+VAT.

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Q: What are your print turnaround times?

A: The turnaround times are based on the urgency of the print job and the format of the print.
Stationery and leaflets prints can be turned around in 3 working days, crucial for that all important deadline. The maximum time to get any print finished is 5/6 working days.


Q: Are you able to print NCR (carbon copy pads), if so can they have unique numbers printed?

A: Yes to both. We can print carbon copy pads in any size and any number of carbon sheets. We can design the pad for you or alternatively you can supply us print ready design to be printed. If you require sheets with unique numbers printed, we can also offer this at no extra cost.


Q: Can you print large format prints?

A: We can print any designs in various sizes on a wide variety of formats from simple large poster to large exhibition banners.

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If you have a question that you would like answering, give our buddh'ing team a call on one of our many contactable methods by completing our contact form, request a call back. We would love to hear from you.



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