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Michael Associates Ltd Green Policy

Michael Associates Ltd recognises that as a company our work may have a direct or indirect impact on the local, regional and global environment. We are committed to minimising our negative impacts and acting in a sustainable way, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Of all our activities we are aware that our printing activities are the area with the greatest environmental impacts, and we have taken steps to reduce these impacts and encourage our customers to do so as well.

Our Eco-print booklet gives greater details on the ways we have tried to make our print facilities as environmental as possible.

Waste Reduction:

We try to eliminate waste at source and some of the ways we do this is:

  • The use of electronic communications - unless our customers request otherwise we send all our quotes, invoices and other communications via email. This saves on both paper and also carbon miles for postage

  • It is company policy that any document that does need to be printed is done where possible in draft format to use the as little waste ink as possible

  • We reuse paper where possible – as packing and space sheets in our printing services. Another example of this is when we had to reprint our letterheads due to a change in company details – we bound all our redundant letterhead to use as office notebooks, rather than simply disposing or recycling the paper.

We recycle whenever possible.

  • At the end of its practical life any hardware is cleared of information and passed to the local Environ office, or equivalent, to be refurbished or used as parts.

  • All of our staff work mainly from home and utilise the recycling schemes implemented by the local council.

Like all companies our purchasing decisions are influenced by cost, however this by no means our only consideration, and we make a conscious effort to ensure we are buying from sustainable sources, which are local if possible.

  • All the paper we use in our printing comes from FSC sources as a minimum

  • As standard the ink we use in our printing services is vegetable oil based not petroleum based, making it significantly lower in harmful VOC’s

  • All our packaging boxes are 100% recycled material and we don’t use packing material that is non-biodegradable

  • Wherever possible we try and purchase goods and services locally, to help the local economy and to reduce carbon miles.

At Michael Associates Ltd we have undertaken a commitment to make our travel as green as possible,

  • We have invested in a hybrid vehicle to reduce emissions. Wherever possible this vehicle is used to attend meetings, and is also used for all possible local print deliveries

  • With all our multi-drop deliveries, we plan our routes carefully to reduce our mileage, and subsequently our carbon emissions

  • Whenever possible all members of staff work from home, with the majority of in-house conversations and team meetings taking place via audio conferencing

  • Although we enjoy meeting our clients face to face this is not always necessary and therefore when practical we use the same audio conferencing techniques for meetings between team members and clients

  • When travel is required members of staff utilise the hybrid vehicle or public transport in the form of buses or trains whenever possible.
Energy Usage:

Studies have shown that many employees are significantly less energy conscious whilst at work than they are at home. Because our employees mainly work from home they do not fall into this trap, and are very conscious of their energy and water usage.

Our commitment to the community:

At Michael Associates Ltd we believe it is important to support our local community and where possible we link with other local businesses to provide our services.

We also believe that education is important and have undertaken a wide range of work within the local community including involvement in;

  • The East Midlands Shell Step programme

  • Attending local school as well as colleges of further and higher education to provide educational support and assist in business awareness

  • Assisting local charities in understanding online and offline requirements.


Our commitment to helping our clients:

Although at Michael Associates Ltd we do not see it as our place to lecture clients on being ‘green’, we do believe that we can have a significant role to play in raising awareness of green alternatives and helping our clients to achieve their own green policies.

We work hard to ensure we provide the best possible value for money allowing our customers to get the best value services and increase their e-communications whilst hopefully at the same time reducing the amount of postage and paper they use.

Where feasible we suggest to the customer that they could have their print done on recycled stock, and we have introduced a policy that unless the customer requests otherwise we automatically provide a dual quote based on the customers initial requirement and an alternative based on the use of recycled stock to the same quality. For more details request a copy of our ‘Eco-Print’ booklet.

Digital Publishing System
With our developers we have created the Digital Publishing System, an application that allows any multi-page document to be converted to an interactive electronic document, for use on websites or as a stand alone product. We believe in a significant number of cases this is a real alternative to print and we are proud to be able to offer it as a service to our clients.

Gallery Management Systems
We have developed an asset management system known as our Gallery Management System which allows companies to store and share electronically in a simple and logical manner. The system allows the distribution of information to a large number of people without the usual difficulties associates with the sending of bulk emails – again helping companies cut down on storage space, paper and postage.



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