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Want to produce truly ‘green’ documents that your customers will want to read?

The e-Flip Book from Michael Associates offers an exciting interactive alternative to the dull PDF.
Leicester, UK. 23 May 2007

Did you know that every year over 42% of the global amount of wood harvested goes into the production of paper and paperboard? The UK is the fifth largest consumer of paper products in the world and we each get through an average of 198kg of paper per year, yet we only recycle 37% of what we use.

As a nation we are trying to be greener, and we are increasingly turning to the Internet for our information, but we still like our printed magazines/catalogues; we like the ability flick through the pages and be presented with information rather than search for it snippet by snippet online. Well there is a fantastic new product on the market that may help to wean us off our paper addiction by merging the best of the Internet with the best of magazines.

Launched by the Midlands based Michael Associates Ltd, the e-Flip Book gives you the look and feel of a magazine, catalogue or book but electronically. The e-Flip Book can convert any existing multi-page publication into an electronic version which allows you to flick though the pages just like in the real world.

With a whole host of features the e-Flip Book is also highly accessible. Michael Cheung, Creative Director of Michael Associates says “This is no simple PDF type document; the e-Flip Book is uniquely flexible and can be fully customised to the clients needs. It has proved a great success with existing customers being so impressed many are working on converting their back catalogues into virtual publications using our e-Flip Book service. There is great interest from publishing houses and companies that produce a range of prints throughout the year.”

The e-Flip Book is very user friendly with a linked contents list allowing you to skip to the section you want, a search facility so you can look for key words and phrases. It also allows for hotlinks, interactive quizzes, customer questionnaires, and videos, presentations and animations to be embedded.

“Our customers like the ‘green’ feeling it gives them, they don’t have to hold large back-stocks of printed material, and they are saving both money and carbon miles as they don’t have to post the prints - the e-Flip Book is a truly environmentally green print. It is simply viewed from a website and can be emailed to the customer on request.” says Michael Cheung.

E-Flip Book customers have told us one of their favourite features is the full reporting and statistics facility. One customer told us “The reports tell us what works and what doesn’t. We can track what pages our readers visit, what links they click on and how long they spend reading the pages. By adding the customer satisfaction survey into the publications, we get the response instantly and we know what our readers think before we put out the next edition, allowing us to act quickly to customer demand. I would highly recommend it to any company that produces multi-page documents for a wide readership.”

For more information on the e-Flip Book contact Michael Associates, new media solutions on 0845 838 6888 or visit

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